Funeral Plan - FAQ

What does a funeral plan cover?

Taking out a funeral plan policy will provide you with comprehensive protection in the event of death, as the insurance company will take care of everything related to the funeral services of the insured person. This insurance can also include other complementary services, such as travel assistance, transfer assistance or family accident cover.

Taking out a funeral insurance policy means increasing your protection, and that of your loved ones, at the moment when, unfortunately, you can no longer be by their side.

Beyond the irreparable pain of a death, the bureaucratic procedures and funeral services involve a high cost for the immediate family of the deceased, regardless of the option chosen.

For this reason, by taking out a funeral insurance policy you can have the peace of mind of personally choosing the type of funeral services you consider most appropriate and, at the same time, be sure that your insurance company will be the ones to take care of all the steps to follow when this sad end occurs, accompanying your loved ones and relieving them of this responsibility.

In addition, your funeral insurance policy also includes other coverage of great interest to enrich your protection, such as Travel Assistance, Transfer Assistance, Family Accidents, as well as extremely interesting optional coverage, related to Legal Guidance, Legal advice by telephone or Management of the inheritance process.


Who can take out a funeral plan?

All those who are interested in having specific protection to guarantee the funeral services in the event of their own death. 

Taking out a death insurance implies having the peace of mind that your insurance company will take care of the expenses related to funeral services and the accompaniment of family members during this difficult time, as well as throughout the subsequent process.

Therefore, this protection is designed for all those people who want to have an insurance policy in the event of their own death or the death of those who are part of their closest family circle.

In this sense, it is not an exclusively personal subscription insurance, as you decide if you wish to be the policy holder and insured or if, on the contrary, you only wish to be responsible for the payment of the insurance and their annual renewal, with another person as the insured.

How long does a funeral plan policy last?

The duration of your death insurance is yearly, so that you have total freedom to decide freely whether to renew your policy, modify your coverage or transfer your protection to another product or insurance company.

If I have a life insurance policy, does it cover death expenses like a death insurance policy?

No, at least not directly. Taking out a life insurance policy provides for a financial compensation in the event of the death of the policyholder. Although this financial sum can be used by the beneficiaries for whatever purposes they deem appropriate, including burial expenses, it is the beneficiaries who must, in principle, personally take care of all the formalities and disbursements.


If I die abroad, is my relocation covered?

Yes, the death insurance covers the transportation of the policyholder’s body from anywhere in the world to the national cemetery where the funeral service is to be held.

What happens if I am from another country and want to go back to my home country?

In this case, you can go back to your country as long as your policy covers repatriation.

What is the funeral plan with repatriation?

The death insurance with repatriation is aimed at people from any country in the world who live in Spain, and who want to return to their home countries after death, without this being a financial burden for relatives.

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