PROYECTOS Y SEGUROS, CORREDURIA DE SEGUROS S.A.  (hereinafter The Broker) uses websites and other remote communication methods to offer or compare insurance products. In order to comply with the provisions of article 134.3 of Royal Decree-Law 3/2020, of February 4, of urgent measures by which various directives of the European Union are incorporated into the Spanish legal system in the field of public procurement in certain sectors; private insurance; of pension plans and funds; of the tax field and tax litigation this document sets out our internal policy in this matter. It should be read together with our Terms of Use.

Selection and comparison of the insurance products
Criteria used for the selection and comparison of the products of the insurance companies: We carry out an analysis of a sufficient number of insurance contracts offered in the market, comparing their coverage and exclusions, the conditions set, as well as the insurance premiums, selecting those that provide the most appropriate contracts to cover the needs and interests of our clients.

When carrying out this analysis, we assess the internal processes of the insurance companies, both at the time of hiring and contract management, paying special attention to the procedures they have in place for claims management (valuation, professionals, response times, financial settlements, ...)
Insurance entities and contractual relationship
The relationship with the Insurance Entities derived from the insurance distribution activity carried out by the Insurance Broker are governed by agreements that in no case compromise or affect their independence in the objective analysis carried out, and on which its work is based.
The economic compensation for the service provided by The Broker does not entail any fee to its clients. Insurance companies remunerate the service provided by the Broker via commissions considering it an external cost of its commercialization. The mediation of the Broker does not imply an increase in the insurance premiums set by Insurers, so that the service offered by the Broker can only add value to the distribution process of the insurance products in which it intervenes.
Insurance price
The Broker cannot guarantee the price of the insurance policy that is provided at the end of the client's application process on the online comparison tool, because it is necessary to verify the data provided, and also in some cases additional information is required from the client in the process of advice and telephone contracting.
Information update
As a result of technological developments and the digitization of communications between insurance companies and the broker, communications are made online, immediately, on the products offered; new products, variations or extinctions of existing ones.

As a result of the above, the analysis and updating of the information of the insurance contracts offered through this website, in general, is updated through digital communications made between insurers and broker. However, the insurance companies with which we do not currently maintain a digital connection (web service), analyzing and updating the information on the products offered by the insurance companies at least once a year.
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